Sara Beideman Memorial Scholarship



The Sara Beideman Memorial Scholarship benefits first-generation college students.

The purpose of this website is to promote a scholarship designated for first-generation college students, and solicit donations from interested persons who want to support these students. My sisters (Diane Fair & Cathy Hedegard) and I (Kim Schaeffer) decided to start this scholarship in memory of our Aunt Sara, who passed away on April 15th, 2004 at the age of 77. As a teenager, Sara was not able to fulfill her dream of a college education. She would have been the first in her family to receive a degree. During her adult years, Sara was a long time Sunday School teacher of teenagers in a rural southeastern Pennsylvania church. The parishioners were hard workers but at the time most never attended college. "Aunt Sara" (as she was known to her students) was always encouraging her pupils to get a "good college education." Her support of college education was not limited to those she knew at church. Sara was a frequent diner and would always leave a munificent tip if the waiter or waitress were going to college. My sisters and I felt that The Sara Beideman Memorial Scholarship would be a great tribute to remember Aunt Sara's encouragement of future first-generation college students.